The Ensemble

The Ensemble

Internationality and professionalism

The ensemble was founded by Michel Rychlinski. Living in Cologne, the native Frenchman has already attracted attention as a church musician through several music projects.

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The new ensemble will begin with a solid cast of 30 orchestra musicians and 25 choir singers – professionals and newcomers. Currently, German and French musicians are (still) the focus. This line-up is supposed to become the core of the orchestra, which shall then be further internationalised.

Programmatically, one feels obliged to composers – such as Ravel or Poulenc – who with their work have positioned themselves in support of international understanding and against nationalism. Moreover, the ensemble wants to dedicate itself to French musicians who have been influenced by German colleagues and vice versa or who have worked in other countries – such as Offenbach. Accordingly, the range is large: the repertoire will cover pieces spanning from the Baroque to the present. The mix of experiences, impulses and age groups is supposed to become an independent sound experience.

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Become a Member of the ensemble

If you want to be a cast member in the orchestra or chamber choir, you should be a student at a conservatory in Germany or France. Send us your CV and a short video with a prelude to introduce yourself. A panel of German and French orchestra members together with the the artistic director will review your application and consequently contact you. You can find our contact details here.